Your new carpet is an investment. Therefore before buying, you need to ask yourself some questions :

  • Suitability – How much wear will your carpet receive? Hall,Stairs and Landing’s will need a more hard wearing carpet than a bedroom.
  • Longevity – How long do you expect your carpet to last?
  • Budget – How much is your budget?  Remember the price of fitting, door bars, gripper rods and underlay is to be added to the cost of the carpet you choose.
  • Decor –  Samples can look very different in a shop to what they would look like in your home. It is an advantage to be able to look at samples in your own home so that you can look at them in the light you have at home rather than under a shops lighting. Also take into consideration colour scheme etc.
  • Fitting – This is the most important part! If your carpet is not fitted correctly the carpet will not last. Use a carpet fitter with at least 10-15 years experience that way you know you are going to get the finish you want and your carpet will last you the years that it should.
  • Carpet backing- Jute/Action back used on top of underlay. Felt/Foam- used straight to the floor (built in underlay)

If you have any further questions or just need a bit of advice please just give us a call or send us an email.

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